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We are a team of midwives dedicated to conscious and respected motherhood who specialize in home births and management of fear.


Our work is based on up-to-date evidence. We give importance to mother´s individual instinct and to our own working experience taking into account the wishes and needs of every woman.

Our main goal is to make women feel heard, valued and respected in order to make giving birth a cherished moment.
Coordinating our professionals is Gemma Méndez who in addition to being a midwife,is also a lactation consultant -IBCLC-.

Services we offer

  • RESPECTFUL MATERNITY CARE DURING BIRTH at the IMED Valencia Hospital, with our trusted gynaecologists from Parc Central Clinic.
    • “Birth WITHOUT Fear” Program.
    • Hypnobirthing (Naces® method and Nacer sabiamente® method).
    • Moxibustion and other techniques for breech babies.
    • Acupuncture and other techniques to promote the onset of labour.
    • Baby´s first earrings with the best less painful practices.
    • Breastfeeding assessment.
    • Breastfeeding technique and newborn´s weight gain follow up.
    • Assessment and treatment of sore and/or cracked nipples when breastfeeding.
    • Assessment and treatment of Mastitis.
    • Breast milk swab
    • Tongue-tie division (sublingual frenulum cut)
    • Introducing solid foods,BLW (Baby-Led Weaning), Baby weaning support.
    • Preparation for Birth (covered by ensurance or private)
    • Swimming Lessons for Pregnant Women (AIPAP Method)
    • Workshops: First Aidfor parents, BLW introduction to solid food..
    • Other antenatal and postnatal group activites: pilates, yoa, balletfit, hypopressive exercises (low pressure fitness)…

Where to find us

Hospital IMED Valencia.

Avenida de la Ilustración nº1. Burjassot

mujeres sabias en imed
mujeres sabias en imed valencia
mujeres sabias en imed

How to contact


605 311 548

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